In Cambodia

Cambodia is a captivating place. From the ancient Angkor Wat temples to its endless white sandy beaches, it offers the tourist an eclectic range of sights to liven all the senses.

Cambodia’s awe-inspVolunteer poster (small)iring ancient history and breathtaking scenery often stand in stark contrast to its current reality. In 2014, Cambodia ranked 136 out of 187 countries in the UNDP’s Human Development Index (HDI). The HDI is a measure for assessing three key human developments: long & healthy life, access to knowledge and standard of living. This rating indicates that for millions of Cambodian’s their quality of life is very low.

Volunteering in Cambodia brings with it countless opportunities, not only will you be able to immerse yourself in the Khmer culture and travel across Cambodia, you will also meet some of the friendliest and welcoming people. This experience is not just about volunteering to support the education of children, it’s about seeing the world and meeting people who will imprint one of the greatest learning experiences you will encounter.


Not all volunteering opportunities are the same, particularly in Cambodia where it has become an industry to exploit children. SCAO is not one of these NGOs profiting from volunteering, they have been highlighted in Forbes magazine (read the article here) for being an exemplar NGO in Cambodia. They are truly passionate about supporting Cambodian children and creating a path of opportunities and freedom.

How to Apply

Our volunteer program comes with a small $50 application fee which goes directly to SCAO. All other costs – flights, accommodation, insurance etc, are to be arranged and paid by the volunteer. This means that you get the best deal, are in control and are assured that your volunteer placement is 100% about supporting the school (and not making profits).

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