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Summer holidays movie fundraiser

Posted by Lisa Rennie on November 20, 2017

Category: Marketing
I’m excited to announce that our new Events Committee team – Tammy & Debbi – have organised a great movie event to kick start the school holidays! If you’re looking for something to do, then we have you sorted. Get your tickets here  

Posted by Lisa Rennie on August 13, 2017

SCOOP Australia raised $18,307.02 in one year I’m very excited to announce that in the last financial year we raised over aus$18,300. I had such a hard time believing it myself, that I went over the figures with a fine-toothed comb not just once, but 3 times.  This was our biggest fundraising year yet since we first incorporated 3 years ago. So what happens to the funds once we collect it?  We retain 10% for

The soul of SCOOP

Posted by Lisa Rennie on June 20, 2017

Category: In the News
SCOOP Australia has been running for more than 3 years, and in that time we’ve raised over $20,000 for our partner schools in Cambodia and India. We’ve been able to do that because of the love and support of family and friends who believed in our mission. Thank you! An extra special thank you goes out to the students of Chrysalis Montessori, who together raised $1720 for our Jeevan School Lunches Program! Such an amazing

Where has the year gone

Posted by Lisa Rennie on September 22, 2016

Category: Marketing
So much has happened in the last 4 months since the last post. We’ve 2 great events raising money for the schools in India and Cambodia, Lisa welcomed her baby boy to the world – little Lachlan, there’s been major flooding in Varanasi and Jodi has returned back to the Jeevan School (right after the floods) to volunteer for 3 months and then to Cambodia for a couple weeks. We’re also looking for Perth volunteers
  After a year of planning we are less than a week away from the opening night of the Bite Size Art Exhibition We have spent countless hours working on this night – can’t believe the night is almost here.   We have some amazing art up for sale 25% of all art sold will be donated by the artists to raise funds for lunches for 150 street kids in Varanasi, India Jodi will be