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ramnajays story

Ramnajay's Story

The true story of Ramnajay, written By Adam Versaci

Ramjanay's story is a story that should never have to be told, yet here we are.

From the age of 3 Ramjanay was abandoned by his parents. He learned to survive the streets quickly by scavenging and selling bits of metal and recyclable material for morsels of food.

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Footsteps to India

An adventure that inspired three Australians to travel with purpose to witness the magic and heart of India.

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Become a Superhero

$11 a month is all it takes to be part of The SCOOP Crew, a global community impacting the lives of India's street kids.

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The Beaches of Pondicherry

Written by Adam Versaci

For many of the school children, the trip to Pondicherry offered them the first chance to see the ocean.

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Breaking the cycle stories for impact flame image

Breaking the Cycle

Written by Adam Versaci

Interview by Lisa Rennie

For Padmaja*, growing up in a rural village in India, scavenging for food and water and begging on a daily basis to assist her family ... she didn’t want to go to school.

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