SCAO II – Som Roung Village

Vibol teaches an english class

SCAO II, a SCOOP supported school, was opened in August 2011 in the small rural village of Som Roung, about 18km north of Phnom Penh. Som Roung has an estimated population of 550 people. The livelihoods of the people of Som Roung depend upon working on the rice fields, running small grocery shops out of their home or from working in garment factories.

Cambodia_landscape3Over 230 students attend SCAO II where they receive free English and Computer classes, as well as the hair and beautician class. The school is more than just classes, SCAO also offer community development support which includes installing water filters and building sanitary facilities for the families of the village.

Som Roung is a rural village surrounded by beautiful rice paddies and a small lake. Many families work in the rice paddies or fish the lake to support themselves. Others work in the nearby factories or in construction.

SCAO II is currently looking for volunteers for the summer period (Australian summer)

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