Ramjanay’s story

Ramjanay's story

The true story of Ramnajay, written By Adam Versaci

The School for Life is devoted to doing just that. Giving new life to those children who otherwise don't stand a chance. We are proud of their mission and it is working, but Ramjanay's story burns our fire even more fiercely and confirms that we have a long way to go and we need your help.

Ramjanay's story is a story that should never have to be told, yet here we are.

From the age of 3 Ramjanay was abandoned by his parents. He learned to survive the streets quickly by scavenging and selling bits of metal and recyclable material for morsels of food, never knowing where the next meal was coming from. The teachers at the School of Life begged for him and his sister to come and stay at the hostel, but for reasons only he will ever know he resisted. Ramjanay was happy go lucky; always greeting the teachers at the School from across the road and he was gracious for food offered to him. Often sitting there on a dirty street, his shredded and filthy clothing clinging to his body with the last of its threads, enjoying the food like he was the luckiest child on Earth.

As resourceful as he was, the streets bested Ramjanay. He was beaten severely, to an inch of his life. Using the last of his heroic courage and strength, he set out to find his mother who was almost a world away. He found her and embraced her vigorously; forgetting the fact that she had abandoned him and his sister in pursuit of alcohol. It didn't matter any more, he needed someone, he needed her. As the sun set that night Ramjanay was at peace, probably for the first time in his life, but sadly, it was for the last time. 

Ramjanay passed away the next day. He was 12.