Our new logo is a finalist!

SCOOP logo

We’re very proud to announce our brand new logo has been selected as a finalist at the 2015 Melbourne Design Awards in the Corporate Identity & Branding category.

Designed by our design partner Brand by Name, the process began SCOOP’s vision statement features altruism, innovation, technology and education.

Fiona from Brand by Name says “Using these key values as the starting point, we designed letterforms to reflect these elements, symbolically connecting up the pieces that must come together to bring about change for children in need.”

It is our CEO Andrew’s hope that as awareness of SCOOP grows, he will have to answer the question “Why are you called SCOOP” less frequently, and believes the new logo is helping clarify the rationale behind the name in the minds of consumers.

See more at: melbournedesignawards.com.au