Jeevan School & Hostel – Varanasi


The School

Before attending The Jeevan School and Hostel none of the children from the slums of Samne ghat were attending school at any level and all were suffering from various levels of malnourishment, some quite severe. The school and hostel works with street children living in the Holy City of Varanasi, offering them a home, nutrition and a safe place to live and learn.


The students start their schooling with great difficulties: developmental delays because of malnourishment, drug abuse starting at age 2 or 3, and an almost complete lack of sensorial stimulation at home, which all lead to learning disabilities. Nearly 95 % of the students struggle with spatial, language and numerical concepts and are at least 2-3 years behind their average age level. Logical thinking, problem solving and critical thinking are skills that students have never been in contact with before attending the Jeevan School.

One of the main goals of the school, is to educate the children to the level where they can apply for State exams, beginning their long journey to a better life, and off the streets.

The school now runs classes from Pre-Nursery to class 10. Some of the classes that are currently being taught at the school;
• Hindi
• English
• Maths
• Science
• History
• Environment studies
• Creativity
• Music
• Computing
• Politics


The Hostel

The hostel provides a safe place for the children to live and grow away from the neglect and violence of the slums. There are currently 35 children living in the hostel. These children are provided with 24 hour care – good, nutritious food, clothing and medical care, love and support at all times. The children all participate in the running of the hostel by taking turns doing chores, cooking, cleaning and shopping for groceries, etc.

Teachers help the children with their homework in the evenings and classes. Of course fun activities are just as important and there is a daily sports time and regular trips away for the children to keep them happy and stimulated.