The Jeevan School

The Jeevan School are our non-profit, non-government partners on the ground in Varanasi, India. Their mission is to provide – education, food, shelter and love – to poor underprivileged children who live in extreme poverty.

The NGO, founded by a group of Canadian volunteers, established the Jeevan School over 10 years ago in Varanasi, India. The city of Varanasi has a population of over one million people, approximately 140,000 of these live in slums. These are the children and families we hope to reach.

Initially, the school was set up as a day centre for young street children to ensure they had a safe place to go whilst their families begged.

The Jeevan School offers free schooling to approximately 150 children. With the help of SCOOP the school has now grown so that it not only accepts children from the slums of Samne Ghat but also from other marginalised areas in Varanasi.

Jodi’s volunteering trip to India

Jodi, co-founder of SCOOP Australia, will be volunteering at the Jeevan School again this year. Varanasi is currently in the midst of terrible flooding as torrential rains have caused the Ganges to flood. When Jodi arrives in the middle of September she will be faced with the aftermath of these floods: flooded homes (leaving many kids without shelter), lack of clean water and diseases being spread due the contaminated water.

We’re spearheading a campaign to raise funds for the school to help deal with the floods Donate Now to support the kids and the school.
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