SCAO is a Cambodian non-profit, non-government organisation whose mission is to fight poverty by supporting children on their way to education, social integration and self-responsible citizenship. Since its creation in 2007, SCAO has evolved into a wonderful environment where children and volunteers can feel at home, learn, play, and prosper.

Cambodia_landscape4Cambodia has one of the highest rates of child prostitution, domestic violence and child labour in the world. Public schools, although ostensibly free, are outside the means of many of Cambodia’s poor. Many families find themselves having to supplement teacher incomes, consequently leading to declines in school enrolments. Educating and empowering more children in Cambodia is critical to breaking the cycle of poverty that hinders a child’s ability to grow.

SCAO now operates two schools (SCAO I and SCAO II) in which English is taught, along with computer classes, and hair and beautician classes. They also undertake community development initiatives throughout the villages having recently just built sanitation facilities and water filters for many homes – initiatives that are critical for health and safety.

Work is currently being undertaken in the construction of a third school, SCAO III in Prey Ponror village, bringing all of the benefits that the previous two schools have brought about for Cambodian people and children in need.

Cambodia_landscape2Sponsor a Teacher

SCAO currently employs four teachers, Sokha, Daro, Vibol & Oudom, from the local Som Roung area to teach the classes at the SCAO II school. Since February 2015 we have supported the income of these teachers, allowing SCAO to focus their efforts on the construction of the SCAO III centre.

 Meet the Teachers