Where we work

We assist partner NGOs provide education and a safe haven for children who are born into poverty. Through education, support and compassion they can now thrive and be the masters of their own destiny. This would be impossible without you!

How We Help

INVEST in the future by providing generations of children born into the poverty trap with an education and a safe haven.

DEVELOP schools and homes which are sustainable, through conscientious building and management, ensuring that these schools will be a pillar for the communities they support.

PROVIDE continued educational support and training to all our partner NGOs, to ensure that we provide not only education for children but opportunities for families and future generations.

INVOLVE the children, families and communities in every step of our projects to ensure our vision reflects their needs.

INCORPORATE technological advancements into all our programmes and projects to ensure that our communities are growing with the world around them, and that our support changes with the challenges of growing up in a modern world.

ENCOURAGE positive volunteerism and fundraising, to ensure the help we give to communities is exercised in an ethical and respectful manner.