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You have the power to create true impact for someone in this world.

Donate now & join the SCOOP Crew

The SCOOP Crew is a globally connected community of donors committed to supporting children out of poverty.

Crew members join forces to create a huge impact in the lives of kids in India and Cambodia.

As the SCOOP Crew grows, the impact grows.

The impact of one member supports a month’s worth of nutritious food for one student when they attend school in India.

Imagine the impact when we reach our 2019 goal of 100 Crew members

How can you be part of the SCOOP Crew?

By donating $11 a month to the SCOOP Crew

All Crew members receive a SCOOP Crew pack featuring..

SCOOP Crew certificate, SCOOP magnets, a blank card featuring artwork from the students in India & words to inspire delivered straight to your inbox

And in 2019 donors will also receive

Reduced tickets to our Perth-based events and retreats

Reduced packages to our overseas adventures in India and Cambodia

Stories from the schools in India and Cambodia

Insights from our sponsors and partners

The first 5 people to join will also receive canvas artwork created by the students from Basic Human Needs in India


* Membership fees processed automatically monthly via DonorBox. Learn more about DonorBox click here :

** All donations greater than $2 are tax deductible in Australia.