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Education is power and gives a child opportunities and freedoms to achieve their aspirations. Your donation makes this even more of a reality for the children who attend the schools we’re supporting.

Right now we’re raising money to support the children at The Jeevan School towards the school lunches.

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Voices of India

Arun wants to become a teacher and start classes in his village so that the children have a better chance at life than he had. He is currently studying class 11 at Sunbeam Academy in Varanasi as the Jeevan School only goes to class 10. He still lives at the hostel and his study costs are covered by the school.

Arun was a grandchild of a leper and when he was young lived in a leper colony with his siblings. Still today, in much of India lepers are completely isolated from society and treated with extreme prejudice, and this also applies to their children and grandchildren.

When he was a small boy, Arun was tortured and sexually molested by a village Immam.

Arun is always very helpful with the younger students living in the hostel, helping with homework and daily chores.