SCOOP Australia raised $18000 funds in the last financial year

SCOOP Australia raised $18,307.02 in one year

I’m very excited to announce that in the last financial year we raised over aus$18,300.
I had such a hard time believing it myself, that I went over the figures with a fine-toothed comb not just once, but 3 times.  This was our biggest fundraising year yet since we first incorporated 3 years ago.

So what happens to the funds once we collect it?  We retain 10% for our own administration costs and send the rest overseas to our partner schools.

Sponsor a Teacher Program $5,484.45

Our Sponsor a Teacher Program supports the income of Cambodian teachers at the SCAO II school.
Our fundraising pool came from:

$2468.01 Finding Nemo movie screening
$1406.34 La La Land movie screening
$1610.10 monthly sponsors

Jeevan School Lunches Program $10,991.87

Our Jeevan School Lunches program was a huge success this year surpassing $10k.
Our fundraising pool came from:

$6023.18 Bite Size Art Exhibition
$485.33 August Floods appeal
$321.21 Yoga in the Park
$2385 QV1 Abseil
$1548 Chrysalis Montessori School
$229.15 monthly sponsors

There’s some massive changes underway at SCOOP Australia.

We recently welcomed some new people to our team:

Daniel Bankien
Simon Mullins
Tamara Wilton
Lauren Calvin