Recycle Mobile Phone

SCOOP’s recycling mobile, tablet & laptop service means your old phone gets a lease of new life while raising money for a charity.

We have signed up with Fonebank who will ensure your old phone or tablet is fixed and then sold and re-used in developing countries. In many of these countries, fixed landlines can be expensive or simply not available. Second hand mobiles are an affordable and sustainable means of communication that help businesses to run more efficiently and families to stay in touch more easily.

Recycling with us not only means your phone gets a new lease of life (environmental points!), but it also helps us raise money to support schools in India & Cambodia (helping kids points!).

Every phone recycled through SCOOP helps us raise money.

To recycle your mobile phone or tablet click here

Data Removal

Fonebank has instructions on how you can delete all data is deleted before sending to us. And for those who want greater piece of mind, Fonebank can offer a comprehensive service using imbedded Blancco Data Deletion technology which comes with a certified data deletion report. Further information at