Footsteps to India

Footsteps to India is an adventure to inspire

Every year a group of travellers fly to India to visit The School of Life in Varanasi, India

Then embark on a adventure with the kids in the mountains of India

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The Journey Footsteps to India

The students at The School of Life live in a society that rejects them, denying them basic human rights based on an archaic caste system. Education becomes a privilege only entitled for higher castes. We may never know the reality of their lives, but we can walk with them and listen to their stories. Through them we can learn more about the world and our part in it.

Footsteps to India 2019 was the first international event organised by SCOOP Australia and sponsored by White Rose Collection and Sorelle Organic Hair and Beauty.  Natalie (owner of White Rose) and Sabrina (owner of Sorelle) joined Lisa, the founder of SCOOP Australia on this unique once in a lifetime opportunity.

In March 2019 the Footsteps to India fundraising campaign raised over $3800 to support the education of the kids at The School of Life.

You can also experience the power of giving back and join a global community of inspiring adventurers.

Footsteps to India is about walking with the children and listening to their stories

It’s about our commitment to global education

Most of the students attending the school live in a society that reject them, denying them basic human rights based on an archaic class system. Education becomes a privilege only entitled for higher castes. In 2012, Basic Human Needs was founded by Canadian volunteers who had made the decision to commit their lives to give free education for India’s street kids.  What began with free tuition on the dirty streets, now provides 120 students free education. The school has also grown to provide free boarding for 30 students, allowing them a safe place to call home and concentrate on their education.

Every adventure SCOOP creates is inspired by the students at Basic Human Needs in India and our other partner school SCAO in Cambodia. Our goal is to inspire people, and we need support to spread the word of our adventures and grow our support base.   90% of all funds raised from our adventures and donations support the education of kids in India & Cambodia.

Sabrina Gradisen’s motivation for the trip centres on the value of connecting with the global community. 

“Although every cent raised for these children does make a difference to their lives, I feel that you can’t put a value on time and care. By showing these children that we care about them, and are willing to spend time with them, listen to their stories and learn about their goals and ambitions in life for me is worth much more than money can buy” explains Sabrina.