Footsteps to India

Footsteps to India was an adventure to inspire

In 2019 a group of travellers flew to India to visit The School of Life in Varanasi, India. They also embarked on a adventure to the Himalayan mountains with the students.

The students at The School of Life live in a society that rejects them, denying them basic human rights based on an archaic caste system. Education becomes a privilege only entitled for higher castes. We may never know the reality of their lives, but walking with them through the mountains gave us an opportunity to listen to their stories.

Footsteps to India 2019 was the first international event organised by SCOOP Australia and sponsored by White Rose Collection and Sorelle Organic Hair and Beauty.  Natalie (owner of White Rose) and Sabrina (owner of Sorelle) joined Lisa, the founder of SCOOP Australia on this unique once in a lifetime opportunity.

In March 2019 the Footsteps to India fundraising campaign raised over $3800 to support the education of the kids at The School of Life.

Footsteps to India was Sponsored by