Adopt a Classroom

The ‘adopt a classroom’ program in actionWe have just launched our Adopt a Classroom program which aims to provide paint and educational material for the new classrooms after authorities demolished the old classrooms to make way for a wider road.

This program is about working in partnership with Perth schools, creating a link between Australian students and the students from the Jeevan School.

It’s a modern take on pen pals, like when we were kids, but instead we are using art as inspiration to build a bond between students from across the Indian Ocean.

Donate to help

A monetary donation will be sent direct to the school to help with the decorating of the new rooms.

What we can buy with your donations:

• $165 each 20 litres of washable interior paint (4 x tins required)
• $45 each 20 litre paint primer (3 x tins of primer required)
• $10 each paint rollers and tray
• $5 to $10 each paintbrushes
• $10 each floor mats
• $50 each small set of bookshelves
• $80 each large set of bookshelves
• $2 to $5 each new reading books

The fun stuff

We believe that it is important for our donors to see where their money goes and how it improves lives of others. We want to build relationships between students here and the students in our schools in India and Cambodia.

We will organise for the transfer of these items between the schools and have their responses photographed so the Australian students can witness how much of an impact they can have.

Here are just some of our ideas for students to create:

• Students becoming teachers
• Write a book
• Matchup Cards
• Flash Cards
• Posters
• Postcards

Email us at if your school or classroom is interested in joining Adopt a Classroom.