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Footsteps to India

In planning Footsteps to India we knew we would be experiencing an adventure that would be truly once in a lifetime. We knew we would meet inspiring kids and hear tragic stories of their lives that would break our heart.

What we didn't anticipate were the life lessons in teamwork, equality, patience, acceptance, gratitude and the biggest surprise of them all - laughter for the soul. 

Laughter allows joy to fill the heart & warm the soul when everything seems overwhelming and impossible. 

Over 10 days we flew 7 planes across 3 states, from the madness of Kolkata to the peaceful mountain city of Ravangla in Sikkim State before descending to the Holy City of Varanasi.

Join me on this blog as I share photos from our journey showcasing the direct impact of all the donations on the lives of the street kids of Varanasi.

*In an age of social media & to protect the privacy of the kids, we refrain from sharing individual images, and disclosing their names and the school they attend. 

Training hike in Perth Australia for Footstesps to India

Pre-event training  on a 40° day

We did what we could to prepare for the hike in India but nothing could prepare us for hiking in 10° weather.