The SCOOP Story

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The beginning of the SCOOP Story can start at many different places in time. 

I can only tell my story.

 Travelling was always a part of my life.

I was born in South Africa to Portuguese parents, and then immigrated to Australia when I was 3.

When I would return to South Africa, I was struck by the slums in and around Johannesburg. And each time I would travel in life I would witness poverty amongst the facade of the 'fancy' tourist industry.

And so I have used travelling as my source of education to learn about the world, and to also learn about myself.

In 2012, I spent some time living in Cambodia while my husband stayed back to continue working as a fly-in fly-out worker (I always say how amazing he was to let me explore). I then fell pregnant so when I returned to Australia, I wanted to continue to do something, to create impact. I was inspired by my daughter (I now also have a son). I wanted to lead by example & educate my kids about the real world & how important it is to connect to the global community.

I'm inspired by people I meet. When I travel, I love nothing more than talking and listening to people's stories. My hope is that SCOOP connects people from all over the world to kids in India and Cambodia facing hardship. Perhaps, by showing up and telling them they have inspired us, then they might be inspired to continue their education & believe in themselves.

After 5 years, I have developed SCOOP in to an organisation whose mission is to ''Inspire to Impact". To inspire all our donors and supporters to develop their own inner strength, and to inspire the students in India and Cambodia to create their own impact & break the cycle of poverty.

Lisa Rennie || Director & Founder

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