The SCOOP Story

Sheelu, Dan, Jess & Kati from Basic Human Needs

In 2008, Andy embarked on a trip around Asia where he came across SCAO, an encounter that led him to build The SCOOP Foundation. Andy’s passion was driven by a vision to develop model schools for children who lack basic opportunities and freedoms. He works towards creating a network of altruism and positive fundraising. Through the use of technology he endeavours to create educational systems for the world’s poorest communities.

Since then, SCOOP has grown to a global organisation that now supports schools across India and Cambodia.

In 2014, Jodi and Lisa launched SCOOP Australia after they met while working in the sustainable building industry.

The connection to SCOOP Ireland started after Lisa volunteered at SCAO in 2012. Lisa and Andy saw potential for an Australian branch of SCOOP and together, with the help of Jodi and board members from Ireland and Australia, they have created a global NGO all working together on a shared vision.