About us


The SCOOP Foundation Australia Inc is a Perth based non-profit organisation committed to supporting children out of poverty.

We are run entirely by committed volunteers who want to create lasting change. Our intent is to bring care, growth and equity to the communities we work with, through service, respect and transparency. We are the Australian division of The SCOOP Foundation, an Irish based non-profit founded in 2008. This unique structure means we have already secured partnerships with two grassroots organisations based in Cambodia and India. Our purpose is to raise money to support these organisations in building schools to provide free education for kids living in poverty.

We provide deep, life-changing sustainable support, partnering with local NGO’s, developing organic programs that touch the lives of the most vulnerable children in meaningful and tangible ways.

Our partners on the ground give us regular updates to ensure our donors and supporters are involved in every step of our projects, the stories of the children we are helping and the daily challenges and triumphs of our work.

Voices of Cambodia

Dora10 year old Dora from Som Roung Village is a student in one of the ABC beginner classes at SCAO II. Dora is one of the most active students and always eager to learn new things. Dora says she likes coming to SCAO because she can learn how to write and speak in English.

In her free time she loves dancing and some day she would like to become a doctor.

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Voices of India

img_0346Priya was born in the slum in Samne Ghat to an unwed mother and became one of the Jeevan’s schools first hostel children.  She is now in class 10.  Despite having arranged marriages set up for her, she has fought and remained on track to be one of the first students to complete her studies in the next couple of years, and provide a better future for herself and her family.

“Priya is a very thoughtful and well behaved girl”, says Daniel, a volunteer in the Jeevan School. “She is studious,
inquisitive and has a zippy sense of humour. Priya plans to be a teacher after graduating from college as a result of her positive experiences in the class room.”

In her free time she loves dancing and some day she would like to become a doctor.

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