2021 Update

Dear SCOOP Supporter

Whilst the COVID-19 pandemic created many challenges, your support helped SCOOP Foundation Australia provide much-needed food parcels and medication to the students and their families from The School of Life.

When the school closed due to Government lockdown orders, The School of Life rolled out online learning to 70 students using donated mobile phones. This initiative was vital in ensuring that the students got adequate information on the pandemic and how to stay safe.

This pandemic has resulted in a lot of uncertainty, especially in finding the best way for SCOOP to support those in the greatest need. Amongst these changes, the school's founders' Jess and Dan had to leave India for Canada while travel restrictions have also prevented Kati (Head Teacher) from returning to India (though she is hopeful she can travel to India once vaccines are available). As a result of these recent events, we lost the primary pathway to safely and confidently transfer donations to the school.

In light of these challenges, we offered the SCOOP Crew program donors an option to pause or stop memberships until we can find alternate ways to transfer funds to The School of Life. We have also temporarily placed all our fundraising events and works on hold.

While we await further updates from The School of Life, we have spoken with the director of Asha Deep Vidyashram, a school working within the same community and with an aligned purpose to The School of Life. There is still an urgent need for support so a one-off donation of aud$850 will be provided to enable Asha Deep to meet those needs.

All the remaining funds available at SCOOP will be held securely in our bank account while we work with our global partners in building a new program in line with our mission.

Over the coming months, the SCOOP Board will use this time to reflect on global challenges and develop a new strategy, together with global partners, to meet our mission.

We understand you may have many questions given the impact of this news. Please feel free to contact us and we will endeavour to promptly answer all your queries.

With gratitude, SCOOP Board