As the COVID-19 crisis continues, the school & hostel remain closed.

The School of Life is moving to online educational support which will enable 70 students from classes 4 to 8 to continue their education. Smartphones with parental controls will be available to students giving them access to teaching videos, online curricular and homework.

Unfortunately, the nursery students won't benefit as the devices aren't able to be sent home to the camp (the slums where the students live).

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Last update: Friday 25 September 2020

SCOOP Foundation is a Perth based not-for-profit organisation impacting on global education inequality and poverty

Our mission is to create inspiring connections between sponsors and non-profit educational centres’ improving educational outcomes for marginalised children

We do this by supporting non-governmental organisations (NGOs) who work directly with children, families and communities living in extreme poverty.  We support NGOs who share the same vision; A world where everyone has access to the education they need to unlock their full potential.

SCOOP is an Australian charity with a global heart. We are the little sister to The SCOOP Foundation in Dublin, Ireland. SCOOP Australia inspires connections between Australians and marginalised children in the global community.

Since establishing in 2014 SCOOP has contributed over $40,000 for marginalised children living in poverty around the world. SCOOP is governed by a diverse, passionate and highly skilled Board and is registered with the Australian Charities and Not-for-Profit Commission.

Where the donations go

The School of Life

Varanasi, India

Since it's founding, The School of Life has grown to provide free education for the most vulnerable children in Varanasi, India. The school also comprises a hostel providing free boarding for 30 students, allowing them a safe place to call home and concentrate on their education.

SCOOP Australia has been supporting The School of Life since 2014.