Our mission is to inspire for impact

SCOOP is about challenging people through unique travel experiences & fundraising adventures

We are committed to changing the world for the students at the School of Life in Varanasi, India

We are in this world together, and despite all the differences we all share, we are all part of a global community, humanity.

This is the core belief of the SCOOP Crew - a community of explorers with a commitment to doing some good.

We believe that travelling with purpose has the potential to unlock inner strength & create impact in this world. 

At the heart of all that we do are the kids at the School of Life in Varanasi, India.  The students of these schools are inspirational. They are committed to their own education to open up opportunities to break the cycle of poverty.

On a daily basis they may not have access to food, clean water or sanitation. They may not even have a home. Yet, they still show up to school!

90% of all funds raised from our adventures and SCOOP Crew donations supports the education of the kids at the School of Life in Varanasi, India.

Our Schools

The School of Life

Varanasi, India

A 1/3 of Varanasi's population live below the poverty line.

In 2012, The School of Life was founded by Canadian volunteers who had made the decision to commit their lives to give free the education for India’s street kids. 


Prey Ponror, Cambodia

35% of Cambodian’s are still living in poverty

And it is this reason that we support the locally-led organisation SCAO (Save Children in Asia Organisation).